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Welcome to Accent on Hearing

Welcome Accent on Hearing (and Tinnitus)

Accent on Hearing, Inc. is an independent private audiology practice that has been dedicated to meeting the hearing and tinnitus healthcare needs of our community for over 10 years. We take the time to understand you and your needs in a professional and compassionate manner.

We know and understand how important hearing is to life. Improving your hearing can impact your relationships with loved ones, your work, your overall success and your safety. It is not about hearing the words, it’s about improving relationships.

If you are wondering about your hearing or the hearing of a loved one please take our online hearing test. You can also call and schedule an evaluation. Our Audiologists are board certified and offer comfortable testing with state of the art equipment. We take the time to explain the results, recommendations and treatment options.

If hearing aids are warranted, we discuss options that financially, cosmetically and technologically fit your needs. We are here to guide you through the process of learning to hear again.

Best of the Best Hearing Care 2015
Best of the Best Hearing Care 2015

How does invisible sound?

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We know how important hearing is to life.

Our staff of audiologists and hearing aid specialists will fit you with hearing aids and provide you with the best hearing loss treatment. Meet our staff of friendly hearing professionals:

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Castle Rock’s Premier Hearing Health Care Provider

Accent on Hearing recommends a hearing evaluation for individuals noticing difficulty hearing in noise, when unable to see the person speaking, and when family members mention the difficulty. We also recommend baseline hearing examinations for those diagnosed with dementia, diabetes, heart disease, depression, kidney disease and obesity as well as those exposed to second hand smoke and those being treated for cancer. All of these diagnoses can have associated hearing loss. We strive to be your hearing health care provider for life


Treatment options as unique as you.

The Team at Accent on Hearing provides you with the best and most technologically advanced hearing and tinnitus treatment devices. Our Audiologists are regularly attending educational seminars and training of new products. We offer the latest advancements if you are looking for sophisticated hearing aids, as well as ones that are completely automatic and require little attention. We also have varieties of treatment options for tinnitus. For your comfort, we offer a 60-day evaluation and adjustment period on most of our devices, to allow you experience with the hearing aids in your environment. Hear for yourself the life changing benefits!

hearing aids
hearing aids

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