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Welcome to Accent on Hearing

Accent on Hearing, Inc. is a private audiology practice dedicated to meeting the hearing healthcare needs of the community. We take the time to understand you in a professional and compassionate manner.

We know how important hearing is to life. Hearing loss can impact relationships with loved ones, work success, safety, and the ability to stay in the game. If you are wondering about your hearing or the hearing of a loved one, you may want to take our online hearing test or ask a few simple questions:

  • Do you have trouble understanding conversations at parties or restaurants?
  • Do you turn the volume of the TV or telephone up louder than others?
  • Have friends, family, co-workers or neighbors told you that you have trouble hearing and should have your hearing tested?
  • Do you feel that people mumble?
  • Do you hear a ring or buzz in one or both of your ears?

If you have answered yes, we recommend scheduling a diagnostic evaluation. Our board certified audiologists offer a full range of testing with state of the art equipment. We review and counsel you regarding the test results and offer treatment options specific to your hearing and lifestyle needs. Accent on Hearing, Inc. works with a variety of manufacturers of hearing aids, assistive devices, and custom ear protection to offer you the best care possible.

Hearing Aids are only 40% of the equation and the other 60% is the professional that you choose. Find out what sets us apart!

Caption Call

Accent on Hearing is a Caption Call partner. A verified hearing loss qualifies for a FREE Caption Call phone ($149 value). Call to schedule your hearing test today!

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