I have been a client of Accent on Hearing for over two years and I cannot begin to tell you how much JoAnne and her office staff have made my life so much better. From going to not hearing whispers, bids when I play bridge, as well as just being able to hear ordinary conversations, having properly fitted and adjusted hearing aids have made life great again. They are caring, proficient professionals and I appreciate them very much.

– F.

Accent on Hearing is top notch! You feel welcome and you are treated like an individual person. My son is the patient. The staff makes him so comfortable and they explain everything clearly. They have serviced my son’s aids, helped us find the best new pair for him, and worked with us on appointment and payments. Everyone at Accent on Hearing is wonderful. I have recommended them to everyone I know with hearing concerns. They are angels among us.

– L.

I am so impressed with Joanne LaPorta of Accent on Hearing. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, confident, and listens and responds to each patient’s individual needs all with an excellent sense of humor. My hearing problem was explained to be in a very straight-forward fashion and a solution was offered to correct that problem. As I progressed with my new hearing aids, Mrs. LaPorta listened to all my concerns to be able to make the needed adjustments to my hearing instruments. Appointments are always “time well spent” because I get answers to problems and reasons for any adjustments.

– 0.

Thanks to Dr. Lauren, my whole life has changed. For the first time in years, I can actually talk to my children and grandchildren who are spread all over the country. I can go out and actually participate in conversations. I can go to church and hear what is said. The quality of my life at 75 is so wonderful. Everyone at Accent on Hearing is great!

– B.

I worked with both Joanne and Rachel. They are both very professional and knowledgeable. The explained what they were doing, how the hearing aids worked, and answered all my questions in terms that I could understand. When I called on the phone or stopped by the office with a question, I received personal help then and there, face to face. So much better than being handed a pre-printed page or record message. If you have any doubts about you hearing I would recommend you make an appointment, get tested, and talk to Rachel or Joanne about what can be done for you. You will be glad you did.

– E.

I fully endorse Joanne LaPorta of Accent on Hearing. I was initially apprehensive about hearing aids. My family had said so many times – “You keep saying “what” all the time.” From my first visit and every subsequent visit, I feel like I am a special client. Joanne is extremely professional, personal, and a pleasure to be with.

If you or a loved one needs an audiologist or if you just want to learn more about your hearing needs – see Joanne LaPorta at Accent on Hearing.

– J.

If you need hearing aids, I highly recommend Accent on Hearing in Castle Rock, CO. They are an incredibly knowledgeable and professional staff who take whatever amount of time necessary to help you determine the appropriate hearing aids that will work for you. I never felt like I was getting a sales pitch or pushed towards a particular product. Joanne listened and kept asking questions to get the correct end result.
After a month and a half, I realized that I was not completely comfortable with the hearing aids and without hesitation Joanne offered and brand/style of hearing aid. I am now completely satisfied with them for the past 11 months now. The friendliness and customer service from the entire staff is the absolute best at Accent on Hearing.

– A.

The best, no-hassle hearing aid on the market! The only process required is each morning and evening I turn the units “on” or “off” with a magnet – a five-second process!! Every three or four months I return to Accent on Hearing for new devices when the batteries discharge. The biggest word of praise comes from my wife. Not only has my hearing improved, but my snoring has stopped when I use the unit in sleep mode. To quote my wife, “Where has this technology been for the last 39 years.”

– M.

Dr. Rachel Roberts at Accent on Hearing diagnosed my hearing disability very professionally and recommended the Phonak Audeo SSmart V hearing devices for both ears. My hearing loss is severe in my left ear and moderate in the right ear. My hearing loss is from flying helicopter gunships in Vietnam, and in the past I have had difficulty getting a hearing device that truly provides normal sounds at the right volume without distortions and limited background noise. My wife and I are very happy with the hearing improvement both at home and when we are dining out with company.

– C.

The ladies of Accent on Hearing are an absolute delight and are totally dedicated to improving the lives of their customers and families through better hearing. I’ve worn hearing aids now for ten years. Joanne and Rachel expertly navigated through the excessive red tape in the world of TriCare insurance and secured an upgrade in my hearing aids. I love my new Phonak devices and especially the companion iCom bluetooth device. I can understand people on the phone better than ever, and the iCom docking station that hooks into my home theatre system is a fantastic bonus! I no longer have to rely on those annoying subtitles when watching movies. I get all the special effects right in my hearing aids. Thanks ladies, you’re the best!

– S.

My only regret for my visit to Accent on Hearing is that I didn’t make an appointment here 3 years ago! I am thrilled with my new hearing aids. They are comfortable to wear, in fact, they’re nearly invisible to see. Now I can hear! Conversations with friends and family are now fun and social situations not stressful. I find I generally feel more confident. The cost of the hearing aids is worth every penny. And the service and care I’ve received at Accent on Hearing has been wonderful. I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s like a new lease on life! Thank You!!

– J.

I would like to share my experience with the Listening and Communication Enhancement program (LACE), which was provided by the staff at Accent on Hearing. LACE helped me to recognize some poor listening habits that I developed. I realized that if I did not hear the first part of a sentence, I would tune out the rest of the conversation. I realized how these listening habits were affecting my life, and I am grateful that LACE has provided the listening and understanding skills that have make my life more enjoyable as well as those affected by my hearing loss.

– D.

I don’t know where to start…It is hard to articulate the comfort and adjustment in not having constant tinnitus ringing. The Zen, by Widex, is a very effective sound cushion. I was amazed, when I started wearing my new hearing aids, in the clarity and the amplification of sounds around me. I can now hear things like the car turn indicator light and the electric kitchen clock – (noisy little fellows). The only distraction is wind that tends to create a whistle. C’est La Vie. Thank you, Accent on Hearing!

– E.

On a recent trip to visit my son I found out how really important and effective my hearing aids are. My Daughter-in -law has a very high-pitched voice, as does my ten-year-old grandson. In the past during conversations with them I found myself smiling and nodding a lot, and not really able to participate at a meaningful level. This time I was pleasantly surprised to be a part of the conversations. Whether in their home or in a crowded restaurant I was in the conversation.

– P.

About 3 years ago I finally decided to invest in two hearing aids with your company. You were highly recommended by a good friend and after years of being embarrassed because I kept saying “what” in conversations, I bought them. Well since then you have been my bright star in my senior life as I don’t say “what” anymore and have very good hearing ability. It has changed my lifestyle and makes me feel good about myself. All I can say is thanks for all your fine service and guidance.

– R.